• One Day Dairy Farming Set up Training Program

    Hotel Vrisa, 12, Airport Plaza, Durgapura
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    Rs. 5,000/=
  • *Dairy Farm Visit on Next Day @ Rs.1000/= Extra
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Why Choose Us?

Dairy farming institute was established in the year 2015 with the mission to work in the area of providing training and consultancy for sustainable dairy farming and related activities and eventually enabling empowerment of people.

It has aimed to work for the dairy entrepreneur's financial stability and to make them realise what steps needs to be taken in order to develop a profit making dairy farm.

Dairy farming institute was formed with the following objectives:

  • Empowering individuals with the best knowledge about dairy farming activities
  • Practically implementing modern dairy farming practices
  • To revolutionise the Modern dairy farming practices in India


Anybody who is willing to start a new venture in Dairy Farming or who wants to manage his/her existing Dairy Farm.

A person should come with an attitude of learning. He/She should keep his mind open to grasp the minute details provided during the training session.

Dairy farming can be done all over india expect in the areas where extreme climate is there. Also it should be avoided in Hilly areas.

As such no specific registration or license is required but for large farms it is better to get permission from local municipality (if applicable) and pollution control department.

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Our objective is to provide utmost satisfaction to our reputed clients by providing them our best products and services time to time as per their specific requirements.

Our Pledge

Build a better nation by promoting sustainable livestock management and its related activities through Dairy entrepreneurs.

Dairy Farming Consultancy

Dairy farming institute helps indivisuals to set up their own sustainable dairy farms.


To help in converting the dream of dairy entrepreneurs into a life time reality. To empower them so that they work for the achievement of country's improved health, economic and social wellbeing of rural.


We are committed to spread happiness on a sustainable basis. Rural and Urban communities sharing happiness, peace and love. Promote and develop by organising, educating and empowering them.

Dairy Farming Training

Dairy farming institute is using modern training techniques and practical know how to communicate the aspiring dairy entrepreneurs about the practices involved in a dairy farm.